My name is André Domingos Santos and I am the founder of Dresports.

I was born in 1979 and I live in Amstelveen. I have successfully completed the CIOS education and I have been working since 1999 as a fitness and aerobics instructor at a gym in Amstelveen. Since 2004 I have been giving Personal Training to a various group of people with different goals.

For example, in the last years I have worked with people with extreme obesity or physical limitations, but also with athletes. Thanks to all these different experiences, I had the chance to develop myself and I am capable to compile an optimal program based on a personal situation and goals.

To function properly, body and mind should be in balance. If you have little energy, pain when moving or when you are overweight, your body isn't in balance. This of course also has a negative effect on your mind and vice versa. People with stress experience more physical complaints and you can stay out of balance. Therefore I try to make body and mind work together as much as possible in my training.

Effort leads to relaxation

Exercises that involve more coordination and cognitive elements are often experienced as more intensive.

I use these exercises because they work on at different levels. Although these exercises are experienced as more intense because they are more difficult and need more concentration, the relaxation after training is bigger. That is not only because you have exercised more intensively, but also because you are more aware of your body through the intensive cooperation of body and mind. Therefore they are more in synergy.


With the help of (sports)massage, among other things, we ensure that your recovery will be rapid. With this, we help the body recover naturally. By using a mix of manual techniques, we ensure that the muscles, fascia and tendons remain smooth and healthy so that you can continue to go on!

André is assisted by Jaivy,

My name is Jaivy and I'm 24 years old. Since five years I'm very interested in sports, movement and nutrition. From this hobby I followed the courses nutrition and physiotherapy for some time and I found my true passion in life: fitness! In recent times I have gained experience as a service employee and instructor at the gym. I am currently developing into a group lesson teacher and personal trainer so I can convey my passion and help others!