Small Group Training

Group training

In addition to Personal Training, groups are trained. Sign up individually, but train together. This is for individual athletes who work out partially on their own with the attention of the trainer. Athletes can choose from:

Small Group training

In Group Training people train in circuit form and both physical and functional strength exercises are combined in one training session. In Group Training you are really challenged in solving the exercises. These exercises do not appeal to your coordination so much in terms of intensity but especially in terms of complexity.

A group consists of a maximum of 8 people. After the training there is the opportunity to drink a free cup of tea or coffee with your fellow trainees. These trainings are suitable for everybody from 8 years.

Price from €17,50 per training

Check our schedule for the different times!


Jumping is a dynamic fitness training system conducted on a trampoline. The basis of Jumping is a combination of fast and slow jumps, dynamic sprints and power elements. Also, balancing and strength elements are included to ensure a mix of cardio and strength training. 

Jumping has a favorable effect on the cardiovascular system, increases lung capacity and overall endurance.

Training on the trampolines enhances the complex strengthening of muscles throughout the body, and is thus suitable for all fitness goals. 
Furthermore, jumping supports quick burning of fats, i.e. favorable weight loss and prevention of health complications, and is also suitable for convalescence after injury or in case of joint problems. 
Jumping takes place in a 20/20 format, personal training with the trampoline, and small group training. 

People with a physical or mental limitation in general have different health problems, such as being overweight and tension or reduced body control. GF is a group training in which the participants can develop physically and mentally through sport and be themselves. 

Price €10,- per training

Saturdays at 11:00

Corporate Fitness

Healthy and fit employees achieve and work better. This is reason enough for corporate fitness training. But training together also creates a bond and this will benefit the business corporation. For companies we offer customized training. For example boxing training combined with strength. Nice as a team outing or as a regular part of the week. Interested? Please contact us for the costs and possibilities.

Target audience missing? Please contact us for possibilities.