Personal Training

 Personal Training

Personal Training is the answer to a range of wishes. Whether you want to lose weight or have a better condition or posture, a healthier lifestyle, become strong again after an injury or have a specific result, Personal Training is the aswer! It's the most effective way to reach your goals. The route to get to your goal varies per person.  And with Personal Training you can get that extra bit of support to achieve your goal.

Moreover, your progress is well monitored and your training schedule will be adjusted if necessary.

Personal traning is often a mix of rehabilitation, mental coaching, nutrition and offcourse training and together they must ensure behavioral change and results.

Before you start excercising, together with André, you determine where you stand now and what you want to achieve. On the basis of your preferences, your capabilities and limitations, DreSports will draw up a training schedule. But it doesn’t end there: DreSports will stimulate you week after week to stick to your plan, because DreSports is only satisfied when you have reached your goals.

DreSports has two options for Personal Training:

  • one on one or as a duo.The whole training studio and guidance are yours for one hour exclusively! 
  • Group Personal Training (friends or family from 3 persons)*


Personal Training from €50,- per person

Personal Training duo from €30,- per person

Group Personal Training 3 persons from €25,- per person

Different composition: costs on request

* children under the age of 18 participate free of charge