Group Training

Group training

In Group training people train in circuit form and both physical and functional strength exercises are combined in one training session. A group consists of a maximum of 12 people. After the training there is the opportunity to drink a free cup of tea or coffee with your fellow trainees.

Dresports has 5 different kinds of group training.

Group training (GT)

Group training for everyone! Sign up individually, but train together. For individual athletes who work out partially on their own with the attention of the trainer. Do you have physical complaints, are you pregnant or do you have other limitations which we should take intro account? No problem! The training can be customized to your level.  Children, students and people over 65 years receive a discount. Please check the schedule for the possibilities.

Senior Fit

This is a group training for everyone of 65 years and older and it is a 45 minute training. Dresports emphasizes functional strength, coordination, fall prevention and your flexibility. This way of exercising will improve your physical functioning with all daily things such as walking stairs, lifting and bending. Furthermore, there will be exercises to improve your physical shape, with the goal to live your life as good and comfortable as possible. Of course we take your personal possibilities into account in the training. Mondays at 11:15h and Fridays at 13:15.


People with a physical or mental limitation in general have different health problems, such as being overweight and tension or reduced body control. GF is a group training in which the [contesters] participants can develop physically and mentally through sport and be them selves in a protected (or safe?) area. Please contact us for the costs. Saturdays at 11:00h starting is possible.

Junior Fit

We also offer trainings for children in the age of 9 to 15 years. Here children can get acquainted with fitness and they can improve their physical shape, balance and coordination in the best way as possible. Wednesdays at 16:15h

Corporate Fitness

Health and fit employees achieve and work better. This is reason enough for corporate fitness training.

This will also benefit the business corporation. Please contact us for the costs.

Target audience missing? Please contact us for possibilities.

For the prices, please send us and email.