André Santos

My name is André Domingos Santos and I am the founder of Dresports. I was born in 1979 in Portugal and I live in Amstelveen. I have successfully completed the CIOS education with a diploma and I have been working since 1999 as a fitness and aerobics instructor at a gym in Amstelveen. Since 2004 I have been giving Personal Training to a various group of people with different goals. For example, in the last years I have worked with people with extreme obesity or physical limitations, but also with athletes. Thanks to all these different experiences, I had the chance to develop myself and I am capable to compile an optimal program based on a personal situation and goals. My vision of good training is that the body should be in balance. I can achieve this by making a mix of the physical properties such as condition, coordination, strength, agility and stability, as well as awareness of the body and perseverance in the training sessions. These factors can vary in each training; they depend on the condition at that moment as well as on the mood of the trainee. In recent years, Dresports was situated in the Bankrashal in Amstelveen. Since January 2016 Dresports has moved to a bigger location with more possibilities. The adress is Nicolaas Tulplaan 446 in Amstelveen. (near the Amstelland Hospital) Furthermore, I am busy in developing new concepts of sports and organising sport projects