Truly Personal, affordable and flexible: that's Personal Training by DreSports!

For more than 20 years DreSports is a specialist in the field of Personal Training/coaching and helps clients to improve their health, to push their bounderies and to achieve their own personal goals.

You can go to any gym if you want go exercise by yourself or for a better physical shape, more strength or an improved physical balance. But if you really want results, you need an enthusiastic, professional and goal oriented training: Personal Training! Unfortunately, Personal Training is often expensive and limited. DreSports gives a whole new meaning to Personal Training. DreSports makes it truly personal, affordable and flexible.

At DreSports you're not a number!

Personal and surprising

In the private training studio in Amstelveen, DreSports offers customized Personal Training for individuals as well as for small groups. We offer lessons for different ages, from young and old and also companies ar welcome at our gym. The spacious studio gives DreSports the opportunity to combine a varied program. Training sessions by DreSports are therefore surprising and varied. This is very important; so clients stay motivated. After the training, there is the opportunity to drink a free cup of tea or coffee with your fellow trainees.

Flexible and custimized

DreSports offers maximum flexibility. Some people wish to train at the same hour or day. And some of them vary in their time; one week they can train and the next week they can’t. For both trainees, DreSports offers opportunities, because clients pay for each training and they can decide every week when and how often they want to train. Together with DreSports you determine where you are now/ what your starting point is and what you want to achieve. DreSports makes a personal plan for you in which we take info account yourpersonal situation, your preferences, your capability and especially….your goal(s)!

Adres studio:

Nicolaas Tulplaan 446

1186DT Amstelveen